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Raleigh, NC 1999
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Men's Reunion group at Embassy Suites Women's Reunion group at Embassy Suites
Shirley and Joe Roberts Pat and Gerald Hardison
Mary Lou and Paul Brodict Don and Marge Meyer
Jim and Vie Coliny Edwin and Dolly Brunson
Jim Drew Bob Lorentz and Dortha Noland
Mary Jon and Larry Coker Sal and Joan Rizzo
Carol and Mike Freel Betsy Arnold and Mike Ostroff
Shirley and Ace Halstead Bob and Mary Ann Roy
Dinner Group # 1 Dinner Group # 2
Dinner Group # 3 Shooting the breeze about old times
Paul Brodict, Mike Freel, Jim Drew Gerald Harison and Sal Rizzo
Edwin Brunson, Ace & Shirley Halstead, Dolly Brunson Vie & Jim Coliny, Bob Roy, Jim Drew

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