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1950's Photos
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Frankfurt, Germany 1956
L to R: Mike Ostroff, Bob Lorentz, Joe Roberts, Don Dean, Ace halstead, Gerald Haridson, Paul Brodict
Don Meyer, Larry Coker, Conrad Klock. Keeling: Sal Rizzo, John Nystrom, Tom Silver

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States Side Club - Oct. 29, 1955
L to R: Terrio, Mitchell, Ace Halstead, Jim Conaghan, Bob Dixon, Callaway

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New Years Eve 1956
L to R: Larry Coker, Claude Thompson, Tom Richley, Bob Lorentz, Jim Coliny

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Frankfurt Bar
L to R: Jim Coliny, Gayle Spurlock, Bob Matthews, Don Meyer

COLINY3.JPG (181639 bytes)
New Year's 1956
L to R: Ed Brunson, Claude Thompson, Jim Coliny

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